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                          Gripper Chain

                          Stainless Steel Gripper chain is one of special chains. It is used in packing1.jpg industry.It use stainless steel material.The main standard size is 08B-1SS,
                          08B-2SS,10B-1SS and 10B-2SS.
                          1.Reliable Clamping Mechainism Design
                          After research and practice of several years, GIDI Gripper Chain adopts more reliable clamping mechanism design which brings higher performace of chain.
                          2.Unique Spring Design
                          The spring design of GIDI Gripper Chain is unique.It is made of high quality material and pass the very strictly pressure test.All these guarantee the clamping performance excellent and everlasting.
                          3.Incomparable Cost performance Ratio
                          With experience of Over 20 years in designing & Manufacturing stainless steel chains.GIDI develops Gripper Chain with facility and think more for customers.GIDI Gripper Chain will surely strengthen your competiveness by the follow aspects:
                          Lower your purchase costs.
                          Lower maintenance Costs.
                          Increased uptime
                          Increased productivity.
                          4.Range of Application
                          Medical:Injection Syringe,Pharmaceuticals,

                          Follow drawing are four main types of Stainless Steel Gripper Chain.

                          2.jpg  3.jpg 

                          C.GIDI-08B2-SS  D.GIDI-10B2-SS 
                          4.jpg 5.jpg 

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