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                          Sushi Conveyor Chain

                          Sushi Conveyor Chain total name Stainless steel Top Plate Chain for Sushi Rotary Conveyor,is widely used in the food transmission of restaurant, especially for the buffet.Which is convenient for customers' selection.
                          The Stainless Steel Sushi Conveyor Chain is designed for use in horizontal conveyors, such as Sushi rotary conveying . Ideal for conveyance in tight spaces.
                          Pitch 76.2mm or 100mm,with S roller or R roller. The roller material could be 304 stainless steel or engineer plastic to less noise.

                          The width of top plate can be as your requirements.

                          Sushi Conveyor Chain
                          Product MaterialFood grade stainless steel (SS 304)Product Electric Motor PowerMotor 400W, 220 Volt 50 Hertz, Frequency converter(1.4KM/220V)
                          Product Driving Wheel202 steelSpeed0 to 4 m/min (Adjustable)
                          Product RailMolding seamless rail  
                          Product LeafsSS304 table top conveyor leafs.  
                          Each leaf width11.40 to 13.25 cm (as required)  



                          PitchTop plate widthPlate heightPin diameterRoller diameterPlate thicknessTop plate thicknessWidth between inner platesChain width



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