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                          Power Transmission Chain

                          Power Transmission Chain is used for driving engine,sprocket or other machines. It is a key part of machine.
                          We offers many adapted and specials for thousands of transmission applications including:
                          Small and large pitch (4mm up to 320mm) chain
                          Adapted Transmission Chain
                          Hollow bearing pin chain
                          Bushing chain
                          We use high quality materials and heat-treated to ensure wear life.
                          These chains are used in various industries.
                          Power Transmission Chain description:
                          1.Standards: ISO /DIN /ANSI
                          2.Model: 04b-1,05b-1,06b-1,08b-1m10b-1,12b-1,16b-1,20b-1,24b-1,28b-1,32b-1,40b-1m48b-1,56b-1,64b-1-,72b-1
                                         05B-2,06B-2,08B-2, 10B-2,12B-2,16B-2,20B-2,24B-2,28B-2,32B-2,40B-2,48B-2,56B-2,64B-2,72B-2
                          3.Materials:Carbon steel 40Mn,40Cr,stainless steel
                          4.All parts are heat treatment(quenching and tempering) and controlled in a reasonable tolerance range.
                          5.Tensile strength:15-20% higher than the standard
                          6.Certificate of Quality: ISO 9001:2015,
                          7.Centreless grinding.
                          8.Good lubrication with excellent grease.
                          9.Color:self,dark yellow,dark blue,black

                          Product NameRoller chains and bush chains
                          MaterialCarbon steel,stainless steel
                          Colorself,dark yellow,dark blue,black
                          tandardISO /DIN /ANSI 
                          Surfaceheat treatment
                          Used industry machinery,motor


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