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                          Special Chain

                          Special chain is also reffered as non-standard chain. It is aain special application ch in different areas. Because of the non-standard size, Special chains are manufactured according to the drawing or sample. We supply various kinds of high quality special heat treated steel alloys special chains. Like Sewage Treatment Chains, Steel Industry Chain, Sugar Mill Chains, Mining Industry Chains, Escalator Step Chains, Trencher Chains, Beer Bottling Washer Chains, Paving Machine Chains, Pasteurizer Chains, Palm Oil Mill Chains,etc.
                          1.Escalator Step Chains, Escalator Drive Chain: T67-24S
                          2.Trencher Chains (Digging Chains): 015H-TR2690
                          3.Asphalt Paving Chains, Paving Machine Chain: SS40L-RMC15128
                          4.Anti Back Bend Tin Printer Chains (Tin Printing chains,Metal Printing chains)
                          5.Flow Conveyor Chains: DK4011S-DK160H250M
                          6.Tobacco Industry Machinery Chains
                          7.Beer Bottling Washer Chains: Type 1-Type 22
                          8.Pasteurizer Chains: Type 1- Type 8
                          Coal Mining Chain (Mining Industry Chain)
                          1.Coal Mining Conveyor Chain
                          2.Shuttle Car Chain
                          3.Bridge Conveyor Chain
                          4.Wash Box Chain, Coal Washer Chain
                          5.Jig Washer Chain
                          6.Specialty Mine Chains
                          Steel Mill Chain (Steel Industry Chain)
                          1.Steel Drag Chains:WT30150-WT280350
                          2.Saddle Chains with Attachments:JM03075-JM51450
                          3.Saddle Chains: 03075-25200
                          4.Heavy Duty Carrier Chains for Steelworks:60300-200600
                          5.Aluminum and Copper Die Chains: 25265-08063
                          6.Barge Unloader Chain, Bucket Elevator Chain
                          7.Coil Conveyor Chain, Dam Date Chain, Draw Bench Chain
                          8.Dummy Bar Chains for Continuous Casting
                          9.Plate Mill Chain, Tension Linkage Chain, Transfer Chain, Tubing Mill Chain

                          Sewage Treatment Chains / Waste Water Treatment Chains
                          1.Collector Tank Pintle Chains: 700 Class Pintle chains
                          2.Collector Tank Roller Chains
                          3.Screen Chains
                          4.Bar Screen Chains
                          5.Drive Bush Chains
                          Sugar Mill Chains
                          1.Cane Harvester Chains (254, 264, SS2038)
                          2.Cane Carrier Chains (09060, 09061, 1796, SS600, 09063)
                          3.Intermediate Carrier Chains (Cast Type; 5174E4, 901E41-901E44, 901E51)
                          4.Bagasse Carrier Chains & Intermediate Carrier Chains (Roller Type; 09060, 2184, 1796)
                          5.Juice Strainer Conveyor Chains (4103)
                          6.Diffuser Block Link Chains:NF250.NF500
                          7.Other Sugar Mill Chains: Drop Forged Rivetless Chains, Welded Steel Chains
                          8.Bushed Sugar Mill Chains: SR234-SRH124
                          9.Straight Sidebar Sugar Mill Chains:RF204-120018
                          10.Offset Sidebar Sugar Mill Chains: RO3140-RO2178A
                          11.Bushed Sugar Mill Chains: HS188-HS150
                          12.Sugar Mill Bushed Roller Chains: HS578-HS800
                          13.Palm Oil Mill Chains (Palm Oil Chain, Palm Oil Conveyor Chain)

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