E-mail: sales@gidi-chain.com

                          Company Overview

                          About Us

                          GIDI CHAIN LIMITED locates in zhuji city,Zhejiang province,and we has branch factory in Changzhou.We supply lots of roller chains,conveyor chains,welded chains,forged chains,totaling over 3000 varieties.And 90% of chains are exported to worldwide,Which mainly export to Southeast Asia,European,North America,South America.Chains are welcomed by customers with the excellent quality.

                          Our company owns more than 100 sets of advanced and professional manufacturing equipments,  Perfect and rigorous QC system is implemented in every process from material purchasing to finished products packaging. Also, we have passed the ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification.

                          We believe "Quality is the life of the company,Delivery is the promise to the custmoers". And we sincerely hopes to establish win-win business with overseas and domestic customers

                          Why Choose Us ?

                          1.  More than 10 years' experience in Roller chain
                          2.   Over 15000 m Factory is equipped with 100 advanced Machines
                          3.   Have whole production line from material, cutting, punching, heat-treating, assembling to ensure quality control
                          4.   With 4 production lines, 180 employees can products 60000 meters monthly
                          5.   With 6 QC inspectors and 4 R&D engineers will provide perfect OEM&ODM service
                          6.   Have the certificate of ISO 9001-2015
                          7.   We enjoy a hot market in most parts of Europe, America, South Africa, Southeast Asia
                          8.   Have reliable raw material suppliers and have been cooperated with us for years

                          Chain workshop Welding workshop Stock workshop 

                          4.jpg 5.jpg7.jpg
                          Chain material Fine grinding equipment Chain assembly 

                          13.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
                           Bush workshop Roller workshop Punch workshop

                          Automatic chain assembly line
                          Heat treatment mesh belt furnace
                          Hardness tester

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