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                          Short pitch precision roller chain(B series)

                          BS/DIN Standard Roller Chains, also called European standard roller chain, are manufactured according to BS 228, DIN 8187 and ISO 606B with the latest techniques for general industrial applications. Products are available in simplex, duplex and triplex. For long pitch alloy steel roller chains from 32B to 72B. The most popular length is 5meters or 10feet for one piece.

                          CHAIN NO.Pitch x WidthRollerPlatePinTransverse
                          P x WDiaHeightThicknessDiaLengths
                          05B-10.315" x 0.118"8.00 x
                          05B-20.315" x 0.118"8.00 x
                          06B-10.375" x 0.225"9.525 x 5.726.358.
                          06B-20.375" x 0.225"9.525 x 5.726.358.
                          06B-30.375" x 0.225"9.525 x 5.726.358.
                          08B-10.5" x 0.305"12.70 x 7.758.5110.2011.801.501.504.448.209.50------1930
                          08B-20.5" x 0.305"12.70 x 7.758.5110.2011.801.501.504.4415.3016.70---13.923600
                          08B-30.5" x 0.305"12.70 x 7.758.5110.2011.801.501.504.4422.2023.5023.8013.925400
                          10B-10.625" x 0.38"15.875 x 9.6510.1613.0014.601.651.655.069.6011.10------2700
                          10B-20.625" x 0.38"15.875 x 9.6510.1613.0014.601.651.655.0617.9019.40---16.595200
                          10B-30.625" x 0.38"15.875 x 9.6510.1613.0014.601.651.655.0626.2027.5028.2016.597850
                          12B-10.75" x 0.46"19.05 x 11.6812.0716.0016.001.801.805.7211.1012.60------3400
                          12B-20.75" x 0.46"19.05 x 11.6812.0716.0016.001.801.805.7220.8022.40---19.466800
                          12B-30.75" x 0.46"19.05 x 11.6812.0716.0016.001.801.805.7230.6031.9032.5019.4610200
                          16B-11" x 0.67"25.4 x 17.0215.8820.8020.803.204.008.2717.7019.2520.20---8000
                          16B-21" x 0.67"25.4 x 17.0215.8820.8020.803.204.008.2733.6435.1636.1631.8816000
                          16B-31" x 0.67"25.4 x 17.0215.8820.8020.803.204.008.2749.5851.1252.1231.8824000
                          20B-11.25" x 0.77"31.75 x 19.5619.0526.0026.003.504.4010.1820.50---23.50---12000
                          20B-21.25" x 0.77"31.75 x 19.5619.0526.0026.003.504.4010.1838.73---41.7236.4524000
                          20B-31.25" x 0.77"31.75 x 19.5619.0526.0026.003.504.4010.1856.95---59.9536.4536000
                          24B-11.5" x 1"38.10 x 25.4025.433.0033.005.206.0014.6226.65---32.35---18000
                          24B-21.5" x 1"38.10 x 25.4025.433.0033.005.206.0014.6250.83---56.5348.3635000
                          24B-31.5" x 1"38.10 x 25.4025.433.0033.005.206.0014.6275.00---80.7248.3652500
                          28B-11.75" x 1.22"44.45 x 31.0027.9437.0037.006.407.4015.9032.48---37.97---21000
                          28B-21.75" x 1.22"44.45 x 31.0027.9437.0037.006.407.4015.9062.26---67.7559.5641000
                          28B-31.75" x 1.22"44.45 x 31.0027.9437.0037.006.407.4015.9092.04---97.5359.5660000
                          32B-12" x 1.22"50.80 x 31.0029.2142.2042.206.407.1017.8132.68---38.17---26500
                          32B-22" x 1.22"50.80 x 31.0029.2142.2042.206.407.1017.8161.95---67.4558.5550500
                          32B-32" x 1.22"50.80 x 31.0029.2142.2042.206.407.1017.8191.23---96.7258.5576000
                          40B-12.5" x 1.5"63.50 x 38.1039.3752.9052.908.008.4022.8940.20---47.30---39600
                          40B-22.5" x 1.5"63.50 x 38.1039.3752.9052.908.008.4022.8976.35---83.4572.2976000
                          40B-32.5" x 1.5"63.50 x 38.1039.3752.9052.908.008.4022.89112.50---119.6072.29112000
                          48B-13" x 1.8"76.20 x 45.7248.2663.5063.509.9011.8029.2449.40---56.50---62200
                          48B-23" x 1.8"76.20 x 45.7248.2663.5063.509.9011.8029.2495.00---102.1091.21118000
                          48B-33" x 1.8"76.20 x 45.7248.2663.5063.509.9011.8029.24140.60---147.7091.21177000

                          1) The above chains are also available in versions like bushed chain (without roller), straight link-plate chain, stainless steel chain, nickel-plated chain, zinc-plated chain, copper-plated chain, dacrotised chain, hollow pin chain, side bow chain and o-ring chain to suit specific working conditions.

                          2) Unless otherwise requested, these chains are standard supplied in lengths of 5 meters per length including one connecting link. Offset links are used for adjust chain length. When used for perform power transmission at high speed or heavy-duty power transmission, two-pitch offset links (one inner link and one offset link) are recommended.

                          3) For attachment roller chains based on the above base chains, please tell us.

                          4) For plate wheels (type A) and hub sprockets (type B, type C) to suit the chains, please contact GD sales department

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